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    Lower your cost of
    customer acquisition
    with marketing + sales automation tools
    and expert services                          

Make better use of technology

Wouldn't it be great if your website could automatically segment visitors based on how closely they fit your definition of the ideal customer? What if you could then automatically send relevant, personalized emails designed to help those contacts with their purchase-decision process?

9Point10's drag-and-drop visual tools make it easy. You can create segments, send targeted email campaigns and automate sales processes based on a contact's information, actions and interests.

Our marketing & sales automation tools are designed to save you time & resources, improve your sales cycle, and increase your sales conversion rates.

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Make better use of information

Get to know your contacts with social and behavioral data. Learn about their interests, social profiles, interactions with your marketing campaigns, and behaviors on your web site. You'll increase conversions by showing a deeper understanding of your prospects' needs.

Use lead scoring and a continuously updating list of your top prospects to let your sales team stay focused on the best opportunities at the right times.

Then let us setup a KPI dashboard to track the sources and conversion rates of your leads. The insights will show you where you are getting the best ROI for your advertising and marketing efforts.

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Make better use of time

With the integrated CRM you can set up custom sales funnels where you communicate and track all interactions with your contacts in one place.  Automatically move leads through the stages of your sales cycle based on key criteria or manually update them simply by dragging and dropping. 

Get measurable improvements in ROI and shorten your sales cycle by combining the right level of automation and personalized outreach. You'll provide the best sales experience possible while saving your agents time.

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Make better use of resources

Choose a service level package that provides ongoing content marketing, social media support, influencer outreach and automation workflows. For less than the price of HubSpot, Pardot, Eloqua or Marketo, you'll not only get the tools, but also the ongoing support from our digital marketing experts .

This includes content creation and curation services (landing pages, articles, email newsletters) and social media posts as well as help with optimizations such as A/B testing that continue to reduce your cost of acquiring customers.


What people say about us

  • 9point10 provided us unparalled support in refining our go-to market strategy and value propositions. Their content marketing and social media support programs then generated a steady stream of qualified leads. The marketing and sales automation tools provided smart guidance in categorizing and prioritizing the pipeline. Best of all, we grew our revenues from $3 million to over $20 million in 18 months, with sales bookings at an even greater multiple!"

    Howard Koenig
    ZETA Design+Build

  • We first worked with 9Point10 in 2012. At the time, one of our portfolio companies was having trouble with lead generation. Within a couple of months of working with 9Point10, the company was generating a significant number of high quality leads . The company went from having trouble growing sales to having trouble keeping up with demand – it’s a great problem for any company to have. I was skeptical of the ability of the web to generate leads in that industry, but the pipeline that the company eventually built was very impressive. We’ve asked all of our portfolio companies to take a look at this solution now as a result."

    Christian Zabbal
    Managing Partner, Black Coral Capital

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