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Why is content marketing important?

Brands have been telling stories and using content for a long time. So, while content marketing is not new, the way it can be leveraged today certainly is.  

By sharing content that is relevant and valuable you engage your audience, develop trust, build your brand, and increase traffic to your website.  Having high-quality, relevant content on your website is one of the most important factors in SEO and your search rankings.

Content can also generate high quality leads – for example: by exchanging premium content (a lead magnet) for contact information.  Done right, it also helps customers with their purchase decision-process.  

Because a buyer's journey can be complicated, potential customers will appreciate having the right content (informative and relevant) available at the right place (your website, social media channels, 3rd party sites) and at the right time to answer their questions (the moment they arise).

Sure, there is an upfront investment in time and effort required, but the pay-off is ongoing and long-term because even older pieces of content continue having a positive impact on website traffic and lead generation well into the future.



Where we fit in

If you are like most companies your resources are stretched juggling competing priorities. The job of keeping the content flowing and the traffic growing inevitably gets side tracked.  And, in order to be successful at content marketing, you have to be consistent.

That's where we fit in.  We provide a baseline of high quality content – both curated and original. We take the time to understand (and sometimes help develop) your company's brand narrative, so you can be confident we'll be on-point and reflect your unique voice. 

When you sign-up for any of our monthly Service Level packages you also get a license to's Content Director.  It's a great tool that helps us to work together to reach your goals.  

As your content marketing partner, we'll help you plan, curate, create, collaborate, and schedule. You'll add your own content (when you have time) and approve everything before it gets published.

Whether it's on your blog, content hub, or on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, or Twitter, with Content Director you remain in complete control over each piece of content.


We help you make smart decisions  

We are big fans of experimenting to see what works.  But rather than relying on opinion, we're even bigger fans of looking at the data to tell us.  

So, for each email campaign, you'll have the opportunity to easily setup an A/B test.  And, because each of our Service Level plans comes with a subscription to Leadpages (which we integrate to your marketing & sales automation system) you can also apply A/B testing to the high converting landing pages we'll create.  With A/B testing making the right marketing decisions is no longer a matter of opinion, it's a matter of fact.  

Our top goal is to lower your cost of customer acquisition. That's why we'll tag each piece of content that gets published and link it to your key performance indicator: sales conversions.  

You'll be able to monitor what types of content perform best and make smart decisions that will grow your business. 






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