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Is lowering my Cost of Acquiring Customers (CAC) really that important ?

Many business people focus on product-market fit and hiring a great team. And, for good reason because these are 2 of the most important success factors.

But, the #1 overlooked success factor is your Cost of Acquiring Customers (CAC). Why? Because a business can not be sustainable if its cost to bring-on new customers is higher than the Customer's Lifetime Value (CLV). You may be growing revenues quickly (and VC money may be flowing) but you'll eventually hit the wall if CAC > CLV.

If you want to be profitable, focus on making sure CLV > CAC !

How do I use your products to lower my CAC ?

The short answer is: The tools lower your Cost of Acquiring Customers (CAC) by helping you be more efficient and effective.

Let's start with efficient: Our Marketing & Sales Automation tools reduce time-consuming but low value-added work. Things like identifying, tracking, segmenting, scoring leads, adding tasks, and responding to potential clients can be automated. This means your team and resources can focus more value-added (and more fun) things like product improvements and closing deals.

Next, effective: Your team becomes more effective because the Marketing & Sales Automation tools identify the best leads and when they are ready to be contacted. Even more important is that with the information gathered, your team will know how to best help potential customers make a purchase decision.

Do you have a money-back guarantee ?

We offer a 14 day free trial with no credit card required. And, unlike most of our competitors, we also let you pay month-to-month (no "paid annually" requirements). We try harder because we have to earn your business every month.

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