Sales Automation


Complete sales automation

With a CRM designed for real people you get seamless integration with your personal email, marketing, and automations. Sales agents can identify, nurture, and advance leads, as well as close on deals with minimal effort.

Assist your sales reps with automated actions based on your contacts' emails, actions, time within deals and stages, website browsing history, and more. Manual actions are assisted via automation features to ensure you can do more with your time. Use intelligent behavior based logic to nurture leads. Have agents reach out manually when the contact is ready.

Contact management with lead scores

Manage your growing list of contacts with ease. With powerful searching and filtering options you can drill down to specific groups of contacts and view the entire history of a specific contact.

Not every contact and sales opportunity is equal. Use contact data such as their details, interactions, behaviors, interests, and more to ensure you are pursuing the top opportunities first.

By focusing on your best leads, you'll maximize your efficiency, get measurable improvements in ROI, increase your conversion rate, and shorten your sales cycle.

Custom deal pipelines & sales processes

Set up your deal pipelines to reflect the stages your contacts go through during their purchase decision process with you.  Automatically assign deals to individual sales people based on the size of the deal, geographical location or any other criteria you wish.

Craft your own sales process combining automated and manual touches to provide the best sales experience possible while saving your sales agents time.  

Social and behavioral data

Get to know your contacts. We show their interests, social profiles, interactions with marketing campaigns, behavioral actions on your web site (and your custom apps), and the likelihood of closing a deal.

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